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Medical Saints is a licensed cannabis and hemp producer proudly rooted in the province of Ontario.

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what we do


Pharmaceutical-Grade Reliability

We use cutting-edge technology to automate everything from our cultivation processes to our harvest.

Small Batch

Our team is comprised of cannabis connoisseurs with over 25 years of experience in the

Unmatched Genetic Diversity

To date, we have pheno-hunted over 1,000 unique strains of cannabis & hemp from around the world.

Firmly Located in Ontario

Each of our 3 branches are dedicated to a specific objective in our mission to become Canada’s most reliable producer.

our branches

our mission


We’re on a mission to become Canada’s most reliable producer of premium cannabis and hemp. Each year, Medical Saints harvests over 100,000 kgs of quality cannabis and hemp using a hybrid approach of high-tech automation and meticulous human care.

Each of our three expansive Ontario locations is responsible for an integral part of the Medical Saints operation.

To this date, we have successfully pheno-hunted a number of high profile cannabis strains at our state-of-the-art facility in Niagara.

As students of the craft, our team continually invests in education and resources to ensure that our knowledge and strategy is up to date with the highest industry standard. Pushing Cannabis and Canada forward.

our strains

new strains

Sativa dominant strain grown in our state of the art greenhouse in Niagara. Dense, high quality buds ready to blow your socks off.
Lemon Freeze Pop, Sativa
Indica dominant strain grown in our state of the art greenhouse in Niagara. High potency, pungent giving you all those body feels.
GMO x Animal Cookies, Indica
Grown exclusively at our Shanty Bay location. High yielding CBG strain delicately maintained, meticulously grown.
Panakeia, CBG

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