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Shanty Bay Branch

Welcome to our sprawling 200-acre farm in Shanty Bay, ON. This massive addition to the Medical Saints infrastructure will be responsible for producing 100,000 kg of high-grade THC flower.  We are currently awaiting final permits on this location.

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Shanty bay, ON

The Shanty Bay Farm: The Agricultural Heart of Medical Saints LTD.

Our Shanty Bay Farm stands as a beacon of sustainable agriculture, concentrating on the cultivation of THC-rich cannabis strains for an extensive range of wellness products. By embracing organic farming techniques, this operation is crucial in supplying the raw materials that power our dedication to natural, high-quality cannabis solutions.

Permit Pending

Pending approval, this facility is designed to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and control, aligning with the rigorous expectations of an industrial cannabis license. This approach guarantees our operations will adhere to the most stringent agricultural and environmental standards.


yielding 100,000 kg of high-grade THC flower

Once approved, our Shanty Bay farm is poised to exemplify our commitment to high-volume, sustainable production, aiming to meet the growing demand for quality hemp products with an anticipated yield of 100,000 kgs of organic hemp annually.

200 Acres

A massive farm spanning 200 acres

Upon receiving approval, our sprawling 200-acre farm is set to concentrate on the environmentally conscious cultivation of THC flower. This significant area is expected to enable us to produce tens of thousands of kilograms of premium, soil-grown cannabis annually.

our mission in Shanty bay

Cultivating Sustainability at Our Shanty Bay Farm

At our Shanty Bay farm, our mission is to leverage sustainable agriculture to cultivate top-tier THC-rich cannabis, meeting the dynamic demands of our market while ensuring a natural, high-quality foundation for our product innovations.

A Look at the operation

Nestled in the heart of Shanty Bay right off of Lake Simcoe, our farm stands as a beacon of agricultural innovation, specially licensed to grow premium THC cannabis. This tranquil estate is distinguished by its:

Expansive Cannabis Flower Fields
Advanced Cultivation Techniques
Expert Agricultural Team
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